How To Fix Lenovo K8 Pro Plus Note Hotspot Connecting To PC

Hello Friends I tried to connect lenovo K8 Note Hotspot to my pc using 802.11n USB Wireless LAN Card. After 3 weeks I have a get a solution.

How To Fix Lenovo K8 Pro Plus Note Hotspot Connecting To PC

Do you want to connect Lenovo K8 Pro Plus Note Hotspot to your Computer or Laptop, Just follow this guide.

Part 1 :- Setup Lenovo K8 Hotspot

How to setup and use portable hotspot - Lenovo K8, K8 Pro, K8 Plus, K8 Note

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi power by touching Apps > Settings > Under Wireless & networks turn Wi-Fi Off.
  2. From the home screen, touch Apps  > Settings More > Tethering & portable hotspot > Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to turn on the hotspot.
  3. Touch Set up Wi-Fi hotspot to change hotspot security and configuration settings:

    • Network SSID - Enter a unique name for your hotspot
    • Security - Select the type of security you want, and touch Save: WEP, WPA, or WPA2
    • Password - Enter a unique password. Other users can access your Wi-Fi hotspot only if they enter the correct password.
    • AP Band - 2.4 Ghz

      Note: Keep it secure. To protect your phone and hotspot from unauthorized access, it is strongly recommended that you set up hotspot Security (WPA2 is the most secure), including password.
  4. Touch Save when the settings are complete. When your Wi-Fi hotspot is active, other Wi-Fi enabled devices can connect by entering your hotspot’s SSID, selecting a Security type, and entering the correct Wireless password.

Part 2 :- Setup 802.11n USB Wireless LAN Card

At first plunged your 802.11n USB Wireless LAN Card on your Computer & Install driver (only for USB Wireless LAN Card). Then show your USB Wireless LAN Card on notification area. Laptop user just Turn on Your Wifi.

How to Setup Wifi Network Adapter On PC For Lenovo K8

  1. Right click on My Computer > Manager > Device Manager.
  2. Go to Network Adapter & find your wifi adapter (Ex. 802.11n USB Wireless LAN Card).
  3. 802.11n USB Wireless LAN Card > Properties > Advanced.
  4. Click on Country Region (2.4Ghz)
  5. Just Change Value #0 (1 - 11) to #1 (1 - 13)
  6. Ok > Apply > Done.

After Restart Your PC.

Then Show your Mobile Hotspot name on your PC wifi list, That's all.

So this was our guide on How To Fix Lenovo K8 Pro Plus Note Hotspot Connecting To PC, I hope the methods given above helped you in Connecting Lenovo K8 Hotspot.
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