How to install and run exe files on your Android Smartphone

Windows Installer Packages or files with .exe extension are intended to be installed on Windows Operating System like Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 8.1 etc. or you can use Dos Box to install them. You can install and run only some of the exe files that can work on Dos-Box Emulator on your Android Smartphone. This way you can install .exe files on android smartphone and also run them.

Step 1:

Open Play Store App and search for Dos-Box. You  can install any of the DosBox apps like aDosBox, Dosbox turbo etc.

Step 2:

Mount The sdcard by typing the command 
Mount c sdcard/ to mount your sdcard as c drive.

how to install exe files on android

Step 3:

Type "cd\foldername" on the command line, replace foldername with the name of the folder where your .exe file is placed. For e.g., if your .exe file is in Bluetooth folder, type "cd\Bluetooth and the Press Enter.

Step 4:

Type the name of your .exe file without the extension and press Enter.

So this was our guide and tutorial on how to install and run exe file on your Android Smartphones. , I hope the methods given above helped you in running exe file on your Android .
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